We are going to ADAM LAMBERT & QUEEN!!!
Herminekurotawa and I are going to Adam Lambert & and Queen in concert in Berlin and I´m sooooo excited.


I wish everyone out there a happy New Year with lots and lots of great wishes for 2015.


To all of you who are mothers: HAPPY MOTHERSDAY!!!
You are the salt of the earth. I hope your sons and daughters gave you their love today.

I look for a Teen Wolf fic!!!

I look for a Teen Wolf fic and it drives me crazy that I can´t find it.

The Hales are known werewolves and evers year some Kids will go to the House of the Hales and work for them one summer Long. In this fic Stiles, Erica, Boyd, Jackson and Isaac are the Kids and Stiles is angry because he didn´t send an application but his dad did. Every Hale choose on kid and Stiles has to work for Derek. In the end Stile get the bite because he has a terminal illness.

Please, everyone, help!!!

Book fair Leipzig!
On friday, I was at the Leipziger book fair and it was fantastic. Sincs this year the Comic part was turned to a Comic Convention and OMG. The cosplay was fantastic and crazy and beautiful. Sadly I only had my mobile phone with me to take pics and the camera isn´t really good. So here only a few pics that turned out allright.


This last one, if I hadn´t known that this was not the real Torrin I would have thought it was the real thing. The costumes were fantastic, real leather, real fur, prostetics for the Hands so they look big enough, heavy boots, it was absolutely incredible. Every Detail was perfect.

Yeah, I´m the cool guy!
The funny Thing is, I made 3 different quiz and I was always the same one:

I wish a Happy New Year to all of you!!!
I wish you health and luck and Love and sex and kinky fic and romance and money and ... and ... and.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!
And I hope you all have a great Santa Claus who brings you many many gifts.

I made cookies today, well all day long. 8 badges! And they are sooo delicous - but: I´ll get fad!!!

The Hobbit!
Okay, last night I were at the Cinema and watched "The Hobbit - Desolation of Smaug" and...it was great! The 3D-Effect was this time really good and there were a lot of times were I was shocked because I hat the Feeling it was so real.

I thin it is a must but I´m really sad that I have to wair another year for the last part. :(


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