Looking for a fic

Hi, I'm looking for a fix that I read a long time ago. It is a werewolf AU. Jensen is a werewolf but he don't know this. He is found by Chris, Steve, Chad and I think Sophia. Werewolfs live longer than humans. Jared is an omega and his held as a prisoner by Mark Pellegrino in a silver cabin.
Someone knows the fix and can tell where I can find it. Please!

I look for a Teen Wolf fic!!!


I look for a Teen Wolf fic and it drives me crazy that I can´t find it.

The Hales are known werewolves and evers year some Kids will go to the House of the Hales and work for them one summer Long. In this fic Stiles, Erica, Boyd, Jackson and Isaac are the Kids and Stiles is angry because he didn´t send an application but his dad did. Every Hale choose on kid and Stiles has to work for Derek. In the end Stile get the bite because he has a terminal illness.

Please, everyone, help!!!

Book fair Leipzig!

On friday, I was at the Leipziger book fair and it was fantastic. Sincs this year the Comic part was turned to a Comic Convention and OMG. The cosplay was fantastic and crazy and beautiful. Sadly I only had my mobile phone with me to take pics and the camera isn´t really good. So here only a few pics that turned out allright.


This last one, if I hadn´t known that this was not the real Torrin I would have thought it was the real thing. The costumes were fantastic, real leather, real fur, prostetics for the Hands so they look big enough, heavy boots, it was absolutely incredible. Every Detail was perfect.